Dimensions will premier on August 3rd at the Pioneer theater in Manteo, NC (Outer Banks).  You can request for tickets by clicking here.

Logan Marshall’s New Surf Movie and Everything You Need to Know

Dimensions, set to release in August, is Logan Marshall’s latest surf movie.  Starring the best surfers on the East Coast, America and some of the greatest of all time.  This movie is high energy, raw and has the originality of a classic surf movie with music by Greta Van Fleet, the Blue Footed Boobies and more.  With the help from Carolina Surf Film Festival, the movie and a group of surfers will be loaded into a sprinter van and premiered across the East Coast. From August 8th to the 16th, the tour will travel from Florida up to New Jersey and cover everything in between.   Booking for the Dimensions tour is available now!  

So This is What You Need to Know…

The movie:

From the 11x World Champion to CT surfers, to QS grinders, to free surfers, to the best young surfers in America; this movie has it all.  There are four sections highlighting four surfers, two sections featuring four additional surfers, a section for Florida surfers, a section for aliens, and a few more that you will just have to wait and see.  It’s going to be old school, no corporate influence and no endorsements, so the movie is exactly how I want it to be. 

Who are some of the surfers in the movie?

The movie has a lot of surfers in it, here’s a list of some of them:

Bo Raynor, Kelly Slater, Jake Marshall, Nick Marshall, Luke Gordon, Micha Cantor, Gabe Morvil, Tommy Coleman, Caroline Marks, Ben Wingate, Nohea Futrell, Brett Barley, Lucas Rogers, the Geislemans, and honestly a lot more. 

When and where will the premier be?

Pioneer Theater on the Outer Banks, August 3rd.

How many stops will the movie tour be?

Not everything is booked yet, but we’re aiming for 10-11 stops. 

Is it just going to be a movie tour or will there be other things?

We’re going to do something really cool – during the day, we are offering pro surf coaching from some of the surfers that are featured in the movie.  What’s awesome is you will be filmed during this!  After the session, everyone will go through footage, analyze it and you’ll get to take your footage home!   Another cool thing we’re working on is collaborating with bands and incorporating live performances after the movie premieres. 

Will there be a movie trailer?

Very soon.

Anything else the people of the world need to know?

Not really! Help spread the word and come see us when we start showing the movie!

Since 2017, Logan Marshall has released two award-winning surf films. Marshall has been recognized as the Carolina Surf Filmmaker of the Year and the Emerging Filmmaker of the Year. While traveling around the world, his mission is to showcase the best surfers from the East Coast and across the globe performing in their element. For more information visit www.loganmarshall.org.


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